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At least it isn’t Assistant Editor’s Month.

That’s right, Interfereacateers, just in time for Christmas, it’s the worst thing to happen to Forbidden To Interfere. Well, the worst thing besides me moving to America, getting a job and missing my fucking deadlines left and right. Why, yes, I AM plagued with guilt. Thanks for asking. Yes, instead of the usual fascinating, strange and occasionally ridiculous adventures to the alternate realities of the Marvel Universe, we have… the funny issue. I swear to god, I could not sigh hard enough.

We start with the rather bizarre first story (which is also told remarkably straight for a humor issue.) wherein during an epic battle between the Mad Titan Thanos and the World Devouring Galactus, Thanos uses the power of the Infinity Gauntlet to change Galactus into an ordinary human whom he abandons naked and alone on Earth. Galactus finds himself with a nasty case of amnesia in a trailer park in Kansas. Luckily, he’s quickly found by local woman Gertrude Rebmann who mistakes him for Elvis.

Yeah, this is where we’re going this week.

Gertrude takes Galactus in and attempts to return his memory by showing him old Elvis flicks, pompadouring his hair and feeding him peanut butter and banana sandwiches in an effort to stave off the hunger of the world devourer.

Not as good as the "Kids In The Hall" sketch about Elvis being Bruce's landlord.
Not as good as the “Kids In The Hall” sketch about Elvis being Bruce’s landlord.

It’s also quickly discovered that Galelvis has a singing voice at least on par with the King, and he finds himself ready to return to the stage and his music. His first performance is a hit and soon whispers cross the Marvel Universe that Elvis has somehow returned to life. Luckily, this IS the Marvel Universe so nobody thinks to hard about it. Literally half the universe has died and come back at some point.

Eventually, the night before a sold out concert, Galelvis is approached by Adam Warlock.

“It’s over, World Devourer! I have defeated Thanos and wrested from his grip the Infinity Gauntlet! You can return once more to the cosmos!”

“Alternately,” Galactus replies. “I could stay on Earth, be Elvis and not commit genocide anymore.”

It’s really win-win for everyone.

Silver Surfer is gonna make one hell of a roadie.
Silver Surfer is gonna make one hell of a roadie.

After that, we get some one page jokes and then head into a story about Spider-Man and his hideous monster baby, Spidey-Baby having to fight crime while Mary Jane is out of town. It’s not very good. Spidey-Baby is really horrible to look at. It looks like Gonzo had sex with a football, which is not entirely impossible. Also it involves Hydroman getting absorbed by a diaper so I think we’ll just call it a night.

I hate everything about what I am seeing here.
I hate everything about what I am seeing here.

What If Disco Tamed The Heart Of Galactus? Also Iron Man Just Can’t Wait To Be King.

Back in the 80s, Disco sensation and X-Man Dazzler was kind of a big deal. Shocking, I know but here we are. Apparently, Dazzler (AKA Alison Blaire who, with her mutant ability to convert sound into light defends a world that hates and fears her as a member of the Uncanny X-Men! Sorry, Claremonting a bit there. Won’t happen again.) was such a big deal that she was actually kidnapped into space by Galactus’ computer.

Definitely as impressive a power as shooting lasers out of your eyes or controlling the weather.
Definitely as impressive a power as shooting lasers out of your eyes or controlling the weather.

According to the computer, there was nobody more likely in the entire fucking universe to defeat Galactus’ former herald-turned-world-conquering-asshole Terrax*. Yeah, I wouldn’t have pinned all my hopes on a pop star who can create strobelights either but I also haven’t been alive since the universe before this one so what do I know?

“Alright, Terrax! Now YOU’RE gonna feel the beat of the tamborine!”

In regular continuity, after Terrax has his ass whipped by Dancing Queen, he resumes working for Galactus at reduced pay and Dazzler gets sent home to her surprisingly popular solo series. Seriously, I have no idea how this thing sold back in the day. She got an ongoing series before fucking WOLVERINE did.

Anyway, then an uncharacteristically stout Watcher shows up to reveal our alternate reality of the week. What if Galactus took a shine to Dazzler and made her his new herald? So Galactus kicks Terrax into a black hole because seriously fuck that asshole and his big stone beard. Terrax’s axe disappears and will definitely not be important later on so don’t worry about that. Then Galactus turns to his robot buddy, R-11 and tells him to start fitting Dazzler for a company uniform.

“I feel like it’s hard for you to take me seriously when I have to yell at your ankle.”

Surprising no one, Dazzler’s not particularly interested in helping giant purple spaceman (Have I used that one before? I’m running out of ways to make fun of Galactus and he shows up in What If a LOT.) murder trillions of people. R-11’s able to convince her to stick around when he mentions that, if she becomes the new Herald, Galactus probably won’t eat Earth. Which has been a recurring problem on Earth for a while now.

Galactus endows Dazzler with the Power Cosmic, which allows her total control over all light as well as the ability to roller skate across the universe. I’d like to stop and mock this concept here, but is this really any stupider than a silver bald guy who surfs through space?

Still cooler than the Black Racer though.

Yes. It really is.

So time (a LOT of time) passes and Dazzler travels the universe, finding uninhabited planets for Galactus to eat. Galactus begins to soften in his demeanour, at one point refusing to devour a planet that Dazzler picked out before she knew it had life. Everything is basically going as well as it possibly could for a planet eating space god and his disco-clad best friend when a fleet of warships piloted by remnants of races Galactus had murdered shows up seeking revenge.

The warships zap Dazzler with a ray guy built from the remains of Terrax’s tear axe, badly injuring her and forcing her to return to Galactus to warn him of the attacking fleet. Who are trying to get justice for their butchered worlds. I’m not really sure I’m cheering for the right team here.

“Have to… warn my… genocidal boss…”

The fleet catches up to Galactus but their attempts to zap him with the Terrax gun fails miserably because it’s fucking Galactus. The only thing that can kill him is shitty comics writers trying to make their new bad guy characters look impressive by having them take out the scariest guy in the universe, Mark Millar I’m looking at you. Galactus destroys the fleet (Again, why is this a good thing?) and then revives Dazzler. After Dazzler chews him out for killing all those people, Galactus fires her and sends her home to Earth. Unfortunately for Dazzler, Earth is an utterly destroyed long dead wasteland with not a single record store so she returns to her work with Galactus, hoping to someday make him a better person, despite his many genocides.

“I refuse to live on a planet ruled by lazy skeletons.”

That done, we travel back to Camelot and a classic Iron Man story (I am told, having not actually read it yet.). During a battle over… I don’t know, land or something, Iron Man and Doctor Doom are sent back in time. Iron Man unites with King Arthur, star of Spamalot! while Doom teams up with Morgana Le Fey (AKA Darkwing Duck’s girlfriend.) Eventually, Stark and Doom are forced to work together and they both return home. But what if Doom betrayed Tony because he’s Doctor fucking Doom and he’s an asshole? What then?

More like "Victor von Douche", am I right? You don't need to answer that. I'm right.
More like “Victor von Douche”, am I right? You don’t need to answer that. I’m right.

What then is that Tony heads back to Camelot with his armor damaged and next to no power. He spends some time wallowing in depression and considering seeing how drunk a man can get on booze from the middle ages. (If you’re wondering at home, it’s drunk enough to write songs featuring the words ‘hey-nonny-nonny.’) Then Morgana Le Fey appears in astral form or possibly as a hologram to let Tony know that barbarians are attacking and giving Stark the much needed boot to the ass to stop sucking so badly.

Demon in a bejeweled flask.
Demon in a bejeweled flask.

After laying into the barbarians and making me wish for a comic where Iron Man fights Conan, Stark returns to Camelot and Arthur knights him. This is by far the best outcome for anyone trapped in time, especially since (somehow) Tony doesn’t end up fucking Arthur’s wife.

"By Crom, I wish I were stalking the 20th century!"
“By Crom, I wish I were stalking the 20th century!”

Not long after, Morganna sends an evil crow with a warning to the round table. Her son Mordred is on his way to overthrow Camelot. Luckily, Camelot has put all of its eggs in a single basket and assumes that Iron Man will easily save the day while the King and his knights watch from a nearby cliff and mock Mordred’s army. It’s obviously the best plan ever until Tony gets stabbed in the ARC reactor with a knife made from Excalibur. Somehow. Tony drops like a drunk mustache guy in an expensive suit of mechanical armor.

Here is a dude who really, REALLY likes skulls.
Here is a dude who really, REALLY likes skulls.

Tony awakens not long after back at Camelot. The kingdom is under siege and Tony’s armor is busted. Luckily for him, there’s just enough time to pull an “Army of Darkness” and cobble together some steampunk armor for himself in the castle’s basement. He also builds a robot hand which makes infinitely more sense than Ash’s ever did.

Armor built, Iron Man attacks Mordred’s army, beating them back. Unfortunately, this is not before Mordred and kill one another. With his dying breath, Arthur makes Tony Stark king of the Britons. Which I don’t think is how royal succession works but whatever. We leave the story with the Watcher assuring us that King Tony’s reign led to over a thousand years of peace in England. Which I don’t really buy considering I remember how the dumbass ran SHIELD.

Many wars and feuds did Tony fight. Honor and fear were heaped upon his name and, in time, he became a king by his own hand... And this story shall also be told.
Many wars and feuds did Tony fight. Honor and fear were heaped upon his name and, in time, he became a king by his own hand… And this story shall also be told.



*Previously seen being a world conquering asshole in Forbidden to Interfere #27, True Believers!


What If The Universe Was Destroyed By A Giant Oscar Statue?

I’ve mentioned once or twice the old What If paperback I had when I was a kid. It was sort of the inspiration for me writing this column and it’s where I read a lot of my favourite What If comics originally. This week’s issue “What If the Avengers Became Pawns of Korvac” was always a favorite of mine. Not because of the Avengers. The line-up in this issue is… not great. The big players are Thor, Hercules, Vision and Wonder Man. It would take me years and some really good comics to make me realize how great Thor and Hercules were. I still hate Wonder Man though. No, the thing with What If 32 is… It gets… big. Like, ridiculously big. It actually kind of blew my young mind away with how fucking big it got by the end. This one sort of made me realize “Oh… we can do ANYTHING.”

So let’s start with a little backstory. Korvac was a guy from the year 3000, hometime of the Guardians of the Galaxy. No, no. The original Guardians of the Galaxy. The crappy ones. Korvac was a computer technician employed by the ridiculously sounding Badoon. And by employed, I mean enslaved. Like, he tried to take a nap at work one day so they cut off his legs and attached him to a flying computer.

“Oompa loompa doompity dooter, we cut this chump’s legs off and stuck him on a computer.”

This horrible betrayal of trust drove Korvac insane so he fought the crappy Guardians of the Galaxy and then went back in time to the twentieth century.

Upon arrival, Korvac performed a little B&E on Galactus’ homebase and sucked all the energy out of his computer. Said energy had the added benefits of giving Korvac near godlike powers and also giving him back his legs.Korvac then travelled to Earth where he bought a really nice house, a pair of really short shorts and started planning his revenge. Or possibly his retirement. The text is unclear.

“Screw galactic order, I’m moving to Beverly Hills!”

Meanwhile in space (a sentence I never, ever get tired of writing.), Korvac is watched by giant cosmic space guy, the Collector. The Collector suspects Korvac’s swank retirement might not be all it appears to be and sends his daughter Carina to spy on Korvac. Which is a great plan until she falls in love with him.

Meanwhile, meanwhile, the crappy Guardians of the Galaxy have followed Korvac to the present where they team-up with the Avengers. The Collector notices all this and brings the two teams to his own base where he can help them… I guess with his collection stuff? I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter because Korvac vaporizes him. The Avengers attack and Korvac murders almost all of them. As he’s being attacked by Thor, Starhawk, Iron Man and Vision, Korvac glances over at Carina for help and sees a fleeting look of doubt on her face. So he gives up, kills himself and resurrects the Avengers. And then Carina kills herself too. Well, that was a tidy ending.

I spent a lot of time looking at this picture when I was ten.
I spent a lot of time looking at this picture when I was ten.

But, he said FINALLY getting to the actual point of this column, what if instead of doubt, Korvac saw a look of love and faith?


Behold the facial expression that ended a universe.

Korvac redoubles his efforts (which may not actually be a word and just something I saw in Star Wars.) and kills the remaining four Avengers. He then passes the fuck out.

In Asgard, Thor’s dad Odin receives news from his magic crows that Thor is dead. Nearly ripping off his chainmail eyepatch in fury, Odin marches the armies of Asgard on Earth.

Dude NEVER cared this much when Thor was alive.

Unfortunately, Korvac’s used his diminishing god powers to disconnect Earth from all other dimensions and realities. Which raises the question of how our Uatu is observing any of this but whatever. Korvac also disconnects this particular moment from time, locking the era off from time travellers, ensuring no interference from Immortus, Kang or Rip Hunter (Wait, shit, he’s DC.) Finally he banishes Doctor Strange, Phoenix and the Silver Surfer to… somewhere? Nobody ever says where. I guess maybe a different story? I don’t know. Anyway, they’re gone.

All of that done, Korvac starts working on his plan. It’s all about order. Korvac’s sick of crap he can’t control like free will and people’s minds so he begins banishing chaos from the universe. He resurrects the Avengers, sending some of them (including… ugh, Wonder Man again) to the moon to kill the Watcher. Oh god, not the Watcher! Who will alternate universe Matt use for a logo? I’ll have to steal another host character from… like, House of Mystery or something. (Wait, shit, that’s DC too. What is wrong with me this week?)

The Avengers arrive in the blue area of the moon (If you’ve forgotten, that’s the part of the moon that has oxygen. Which is good because people keep beaming to the moon in Marvel comics and then remarking that they don’t have anything to breathe when they get there. Nobody does any fucking planning in comic books.) where they first gaze up the Watcher’s mighty skirt and then attack him. Unfortunately for them, the Watcher is a pacifist and escapes.

Quite a view, eh, Herc?

Arriving on his home planet of Watchor 1, Uatu summons all of the universe’s other Watchers for a pow-wow.

“Look,” he says. “I know we’re FORBIDDEN TO INTERFERE with all the planets we watch, but this Korvac guy? He could be a problem. Like… if he destroy Earth, that would be kind of a bad thing.”

The other Watchers sigh.

“Uatu, this is like… the eighteenth time you’ve acted to help out Earth. Why don’t you just fucking marry it if you’re so in love with it. Let’s go, guys. We have people on alien planets to watch having sex.”

And they bail.

Fun fact: This was almost this site's banner.
Fun fact: This was almost this site’s banner.

Well, since that didn’t work, Uatu calls a second meeting, this time with all the big cosmic guys in the galaxy. These include Galactus, the Gardener: sower of seeds and master of the universe’s vegetation, the Shaper of Worlds, a big white Skrull attached to a box, the Living Tribunal: a gold guy with three faces and no neck, the Stranger, whom the text describes as an “enigmatic experimenter and provocateur” and I describe as an old white dude with amazing facial hair, the Inbetweener whose name hides the word “Weiner” within it, the Grandmaster who I thought was the Beyonder but isn’t and Lord Chaos and Master Order, two floating heads that represent… chaos. And order. Respectively.

So the big cosmic guys all agree to team-up and defeat Korvac in the traditional manner. Attacking him one at a time. Galactus and the Gardener (Good god, I cannot think of a less threatening name then the Gardener.) head for Earth in Galactus’ spaceship but they’re intercepted by the Avengers who run around shooting them and biting at their ankles. Starhawk takes control of Galactus’ ship and crashes it into Mars.

Ladies and gentlemen, the “lord of photosynthesis.” Teehee.

Back on Earth, Korvac is approached by the Gamesmaster and the Shaper of Worlds. Neither of them is interested in Uatu’s cosmic guy team. Gamesmaster challenges Korvac to a big summer event  but Korvac hates those as much as I do  (Avengers/X-Men: Axis! On sale now!) and vaporizes Gamesmaster. The Shaper he lets stick around. Turns out Shaper knows about Korvac’s plans to remold the universe and just wants to help out, traitorous dickhole that he is.

"Why, Gamesmaster... these sound like some sort of... secret wars."
“Why, Gamesmaster… these sound like some sort of… secret wars.”

Back on Mars, Galactus and the Gardener have the Avengers on the ropes. Galactus throws Hercules into space, killing him almost instantly and then the Gardener murders the Vision with… a garden.

The alternate ending to "Little Shop of Horrors."
The alternate ending to “Little Shop of Horrors.”

Realizing that his Avengers aren’t doing so hot, Korvac resurrected Captain America and sends him to Korvac’s favorite shopping mall, Galactus’ ship. Cap tosses the place and finds the Ultimate Nullifier, knowing the threat of this weapon has defeated Galactus before.

“Oh, come on.” says Galactus. “You guys always whip out the Ultimate Nullifier when I show up and none of you have ever actually had the balls to pull the trigger. We all know that whoever uses the Nullifer also gets killed and you would ne-”

These are really embarrassing last words for Galactus as Cap presses the button and vaporizes them both. Not looking so hot now, are you, Galactus? And then Korvac kills the Gardener from Earth because the Gardener is terrible.

Back at Big Cosmic Dudes HQ, the Inbetweener and the Stranger have a new plan. They’ll kidnap Carina and force Korvac to back off. But first they need some sort of distraction… Hmm… What’s a big enough threat to distract Korvac? I know! Let’s throw the FUCKING MOON AT HIM.

Sure enough, the Stranger pulls the moon out of orbit and chucks it at Korvac’s lovely California home. Korvac catches it because seriously, guys? The moon? Are you even trying? while the Inbetweener bombs out with Carina. Korvac wins the moon tug of war, destroying it completely. Then he kills the Stranger too because fuck that moon tossing asshole.

No big deal, just a fight over the moon.

The Inbetweener takes Carina back to his weird Steve Ditko realm only to discover she’s actually the Shaper of Worlds in disguise. It’s always tough when you take the hot bikini girl back to your place only to discover she’s actually a giant albino skrull in a box. Adding injury to insult, Korvac then kills the Inbetweener by betweening him. No, I have no idea what this means.

“Be glad I didn’t keep the bikini, Inbetweener!”

Out of options, the Living Tribunal plays his last card and forces the sun to GO FUCKING NOVA, DISINTEGRATING THE ENTIRE FUCKING SOLAR SYSTEM. Unfortunately, Korvac surrounds Earth in an energy field protecting it.

“Okay. This looks bad.”

“Whelp.” says the Tribunal, fetching his hat. “That was my big play. Good luck with your doomed universe. Let me know how that all turns out. If anybody needs me, I’ll be literally anywhere else.” Then he bails.

At this point, a wormhole opens where Earth’s solar system used to be and warships from EVERY SENTIENT RACE IN THE UNIVERSE arrive to stop Korvac.

There’s no Enterpise in there. Trust me, I’ve looked.

“Shit.” He says. “I’m more powerful than any living thing in the universe. I’m not more powerful than EVERYTHING in the universe.” Needing all the power he can get, he kills the Avengers, the Shaper, and every living thing on the planet (including Spider-Man!). The combined warships arrive at Earth to find the enormous Korvac perched on top of Earth, whistling casually and tossing the Ultimate Nullifer to himself.

“s’up?” he says.

At this point, Uatu appears to beg Korvac one last time not to destroy the universe. Unfortunately for literally everything, Korvac isn’t interested and pushes the fire button, destroying himself and all of creation in one brief horrifying moment.


Next week: Something about Dazzler!